COVID-19 Activities

Getting out in nature provides a wonderful escape from stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. It has been long thought that swimming and playing at the beach has even more health benefits; historically doctors would recommend their patients go to the seaside to improve their various illnesses! 

Saltwater Creations aims to bring the Coast to the COVID, to help you all to be at the beach ( virtually) if you are isolating.

We have posted some videos and activities below for you all, and hopefully this will help towards creating positive physical and emotional wellbeing for you all in these times of adversity.



Bring the Beach to your home in less that 10 minutes!

Join Jules and guest Millie, at this 10 minute beach art workshop below on You Tube.
All you will need is:
- an old picture frame
-coloured pencil crayons

Have fun, and do email/facebook share your finished artwork with us!

Email: [email protected] 


Activity Pack

Saltwater Creations supports and volunteers at The Wave Project Charity. 

The charity uses surfing to help young people improve their emotional and physical wellbeing.

They have released some great free activities packs, all about the sea!

Click here to download them: 

Scavenger Hunt

Join us on a beach scavenger hunt to see what we found on our lockdown walk.

Can you name some of the things that we found?

Some things shouldn't have been on the beach. Can you spot which ones?

See the gallery below



Do you know what story this picture is from?

This is one of Saltwater Creation's favourite stories.

Why not sit and listen to Justin reading this to you!

Click here to listen.